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Aerobatic Team “Rus” above Verkhnyaya Pyshma on May 9

On May 9, 2019, the aerobatic team “Rus” performed above Verkhnyaya Pyshma during the Victory Parade.

From the very morning the technical staff began to prepare the aircraft for departure.

Filling smoke generators dye stuff.

Aircraft prepared and ready to launch, waiting for the pilots.

After 30 minutes, the pilots took their seats, launch and taxi.

One by one, the aircraft of the aerobatic team “Rus” stretched in a line along the taxiway.

Takeoff was carried out in 3 + 2 formation.

Approach to Verkhnyaya Pyshma along EKAD to enter a demonstration point

The group worked with smoke in the colors of the Russian flag.

“The stunts went one after anotherand I took pictures of the flown against the background of Upper Pyshma. The“ loop ”, the“ mace ”, the“ barrel by the group ”, and the“ fountain ”- says Yevgeny Lebedev, that was in the plane number 6, under the control of Yuriy Lukinchuk.

This is the way aerobatics looked from the ground, precisely from the roof of a 17-story building.

The “fan” stunt performed by Vasily Kogut

Return to the airfield after the show.

“We went to Aramil, with a decrease we accelerated and executed a loop with smoke and a passage over Aramil. Than we went for a landing and taxi into the parking lot. Another holiday worked perfectly,” Yevgeny Lebedev.

The weather and the mood are excellent, everything is worked out at the highest level.

The group worked with in composition:

Commander Anatoly Marunko
pilot Yury Lukinchuk
pilot Michael Kolle
pilot Vasily Kogut
Pilot Konstantin Timofeev
Flight Control Officer Nikolay Zherebtsov
flight operator photographer Yevgeny Lebedev.


Evgeny Baldin, Dmitry M. Cherepanov, Dmitry Y. Cherepanov, Anton Kharisov, Evgeny Lebedev