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About us

The Internet portal AviaPressPhoto specializes in covering major aviation events both in Russia and abroad. Our goal is to tell the readers about the most significant events in the aviation world. The team includes photographers and journalists with many years of experience in a variety of aviation events: from local provincial holidays to major international air shows. On our website you will find aviation news from around the world, reports from past events, as well as announcements of upcoming holidays.


Artyom Anikeev Anatoly Sergunin
Arseniy Shemyakin Dmitriy Ryazanov
Pavel Bezrukov Nikita Belyakov
Dmitriy Terekhov Maiya Sokolova
Alexander Shukhov Roman Impolitov
Vitaliy Pugach

Ural branch:

Anton Harisov

Dmitriy Cherepanov M.
Dmitriy Cherepanov Yu. Evgeniy Baldin
Eastern branch:  
Andrey Neyman