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AXALP 2018

In early October, the AXALP airshow takes place in the Swiss Alps. At an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level, viewers could see a unique airshow performed at the highest shooting range in Europe. The main component of the show – shooting at targets located on the slopes of the mountains. The airshow was attended by all the main types of aircraft, which are in service with the Swiss Air Force. Fantastic views of airplanes against the mountains attract thousands of people from all over the world, even the difficulty of climbing the mountain does not frighten the visitors and in two days of the show this year about 10 thousand people went up there.

From early morning to the command post of shooting range helicopter deliver the military, VIP-guests and food. After delivery of the goods up, the helicopter makes a deep dive down the mountain on the way back to Meiringen airbase. Also, according to the safety requirements, helicopters of medical aid are present at the airshows, since every year several spectators are injured when climbing or descending from the mountain.

The show began with the pass of a pair of F/A-18C Hornets from Meiringen base at high speed with deploying of false heat targets.

Later the fighters performed a turn back with cannon shooting at targets at the shooting range.

Further, the show was continued by a pair of F/A-18C Hornets from the Payerne airbase, which carried out an imitation of the interception of the intruder, which was portrayed by the Cessna 560 Swiss Air Force.

One of the fighters remained to carry out a single demonstration flight.

Clearly visible lines near the fuselage of the aircraft are the shock waves caused by flying at the near speed of sound.

The demonstration flights continued with solo aerobatics of AS.532 Cougar.

Pilot training in the Swiss Air Force takes place on the Pilatus PC-21, one of these aircraft took part in the show.

In 2018, the Northrop F-5E Tiger II was last shown at the show, which will be retired from the Air Force at the end of the year.

At the end aerobatics group “Patrouille Suisse” showed their ability to fly between the mountains, even in close formation.

From the Meiringen airbase, which is closest to the airshow, jet fighters taking off participating in the show.

Artyom Anikeev