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Naval aviation on the Main Naval Parade

On July 29, the Main Naval Parade took place in St. Petersburg. Both ships and naval aviation took part in the large-scale festival.

Personnel for flights in the parade system were selected among pilots not lower than the first class. The level of training also included the necessary weather minimum, formation flight skills. Preparation for the aviation part of the parade began several months before the holiday at base airfields.

At the beginning of the month, crews of aircraft and helicopters from different fleets flew to operational airfields. In the course of several rehearsals, formation flight skills was being worked out, and reserve aircraft were also used. The key goal of the training was to observe certain intervals and distances not only between aircraft or helicopters within groups, but also between the groups of themselves, taking into account the different speeds of the aircraft.

Since some of the ships were on the Great Kronstadt roadstead, the festival was held on two sites. The parade formation of naval aviation passed from west to east past the island of Kotlin along the Sea Canal and further over the Neva.

Transport-combat helicopters Ka-29 taxiing to the runway

This year Ka-27M, Ka-27E and Ka-31 took part in the parade for the first time.

Helicopter of radar tracking Ka-31 and anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27M

The air section of the parade was opened by Ka-31, followed by a triple of Ka-27 helicopters, then three Ka-29s and a pair of Mi-8s.

Multi-purpose helicopter Mi-8MTV-5

Ka-29 on the background of the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt

Carrier fighters MiG-29K over the Gulf of Finland

Helicopters were followed by anti-submarine aircraft Il-38N and Tu-142, Su-30SM fighters, Su-33 and MiG-29K ship fighters, front-line bombers and reconnaissance aircraft Su-24M/MR.

Il-38N anti-submarine aircraft with a new search and targeting complex “Novella”

Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft of the Pacific Fleet

Multipurpose Su-30SM fighters of the Baltic Fleet

Front-line bombers Su-24M and reconnaissance aircraft Su-24MR

The flight was completed by a group of six Su-25 assault aircraft that painted the sky in the colors of the Russian flag.

Return to the airfield

Marine search and rescue helicopter Ka-27PS

In total, more than 40 warships, 38 aircraft and helicopters of naval aviation, and about 4,000 personnel were involved in the parade.