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Russian Navy jet fighters performed training flights

March 5, 2020 at the airport “Severomorsk-3” were scheduled training flights of fighter aircrafts of the 45th Army Air Force and Air Defense of the Northern Fleet. Such combat aircrafts as the Su-33, Su-30SM, and also Su-25UTG took part in the flight program. The highlight of the event was the congratulation of women military personnel at the airbase on the upcoming International Women’s Day.

The Severomorsk-3 airfield is, in fact, one of the most unique airfields in Russia. This is a military airfield in the Murmansk region, located 28 km east of Murmansk in an urban-type village of the same name. It is unique not only because of the geographical features of its location and the harsh operating conditions of equipment and the work of all services: only at this airfield based Su-25UTG training aircraft and Su-33 fighters.

Su-25UTG is a training aircraft based on the combat training attack aircraft Su-25UB. It lacks targeting equipment, weapon control systems, cannon mounts, pylons and holders, radio stations for communication with the ground forces, and onboard defense system.

Preflight training of aircraft begins. The technical staff examines the integrity of the units, verifies the correct operation of all nodes.

Further, Su-33 and Su-30SM of Russian Navy fighters are ready to rise into the sky of the Kola Peninsula.

In connection with the upcoming holiday on March 8, the pilots decided to congratulate their colleagues – women military personnel, having completed the original turn in the form of the “eight”.

Experienced and young crews have demonstrated piloting skills in difficult meteorological conditions, as well as performing aerobatics at low and medium altitudes.

After landing, the pilots presented women with bouquets of flowers and congratulated them on the upcoming holiday.

The flights are completed and all planes go to the parking positions.

Anatoliy Sergunin