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International contest “Aviadarts-2018”

In Ryazan, from July 29 to August 12, the international competition “Aviadarts-2018” was held. The pilots competed in practical bombing, launching missiles and firing from guns. Crews of military transport aviation dropped cargo weighing more than 5 tons for landing accuracy. The participants carried out four flights to accomplish the firefighting, air reconnaissance, piloting techniques, navigation and combat use. At the final stage, the crews used more than ten bombs weighing 250 kg, more than 100 unguided missiles and more than 500 shells for the gun. Pilots from Russia, Belarus, China and Kazakhstan fought for the victory. Russia won the international games cup for the fifth time, having won in four categories: fighter, assault, long-range aviation and army on transport and combat helicopters. Kazakhstan became the best in army aviation on combat helicopters. Chinese pilots won in the bomber and military transport aviation.