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The Main Naval Parade

On July 28, in St. Petersburg took place the main naval parade dedicated to the Day of the Russian Navy. AviaPressPhoto team took part in rehearsals of the aviation part of the parade both on earth and in the sky.

The parade group of aviation flew in one line-up with tactical groups according to the classes of aircraft and the tasks they solve. Aviation flew over the central part of St. Petersburg in the area of Senate Square and over the Neva.

The departure of aircrafts and helicopters was ensured by the engineering and technical staff of the four operational airfields of the Western Military District, based on the territory of St. Petersburg, the Leningrad, Vologda Regions and the Republic of Karelia.

More than 40 planes and helicopters participated in the air part of the parade: Su-24, Su-25, Su-30SM, Su- 33, MiG-29K, A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft complex, Il-78 tanker aircraft, Tu-142, Il-38 as well as Mi-8, Ka-27M, Ka-28, Ka-29 helicopters from military units of the Aerospace Forces, the Navy, the Baltic, Northern, Black Sea, and Pacific Fleets.

From the early morning at the Besovets airbase, starts the pre-flight preparation of navy Su-30SM. While the crews are on briefing, the technical service prepares the aircrafts on the ground.

At around 10 a.m., departures begin. The first aircraft to take of is A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft.

Next to go are Su-30SM.

Палубные истребители четвертого поколения – Су-33. На фото – одна из таких машин, названная в честь героя России, российского военного летчика Тимура Автандиловича Апакидзе.

Su-30SM approach IL-78 tanker somewhere above Karelia. Further, the whole formation goes to the Gulf of Finland.

Anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142, accompanied by carrier-based Su-33 fighters.

Противолодочный самолет дальнего радиуса действия – Ту-142

The helicopter formation, consisting of a Mi-8 transport helicopter, as well as Ka-27M, Ka-28, Ka-29 anti-submarine helicopters and Ka-31 radar patrol helicopters, took off from the Pushkin airbase.

Kamov anti-submarine helicopters.

Mi-8 transport helicopter

Ka-29 in the sky over Kronstadt

What a magnificent view opens from the board of the helicopter!

Such aircraft as tactical front-line bombers Su-24, attack aircraft Su-25, as well as Mig-29K carrier-based fighters took off from the Gromovo airbase.




Of particular interest was the Fedotovo-Kipelovo airbase, which is the base of the naval aviation of the Northern Fleet. From here, Tu-142 and Il-38, anti-submarine long-range and medium-range aircraft, rose flew the air.

Medium-range anti-submarine aircraft IL-38

Artem Anikeev, Vladislav Efremenko, Dmitry Ryazanov, Anatoly Sergunin, Maya Sokolova